Don't just take our word for it, read some of the feedback we've received from customers over the years.

“I have an expectation of a broad spectrum of knowledge with an equally broad depth of experience. I have high standards when it comes to the people I work with, and that applies especially with those who have a direct impact on my health and fitness. As a client it is essential to work with someone who has the ability to mold his training to the situation and to my specific needs, adapting the training on the fly and not bound by set processes which have been taught but which the trainer has not personally tested and developed in practice. I have been continually impressed by Pauls knowledge and experience. His ability to train and style match very well to the what I have come to expect of the very best in the industry and for that I am grateful that I was able to engage his services and I expect and hope to maintain that relationship for a long time to come.”

“My training programme has been backup up by the fantastic nutritional programme Paul offers, which has supported my training and improved every aspect of my daily life. I decided I needed to take control of my health and change the bad eating and exercise habits I had developed over the last few years. I began training with Paul and saw results almost immediately. Within the first six weeks of personal training and the nutritional programme, I had dropped two dress sizes and I felt amazing and without any excessive muscle soreness, which i had been expecting. More importantly my body fat had dropped significantly, my weight has plummeted by 12 kilograms and my overall body image has changed completely, I feel fantastic. I have now been training with Paul for over 3 years on his retention training programme and I feel amazing and continue to follow the nutritional programme also.”

“Training with Paul has been a life-changing experience and I will always be grateful for having had that opportunity. My previous experience of personal training had been extremely mixed (they either destroyed me physically or just applied standard training routines with no direction or reasons) and going to the gym was always an unhappy experience, but training with Paul it was the total opposite. I started training three times a week and along with the nutritional programme has helped me transform my body and fitness. If you are serious about losing weight and dramatically improving your fitness levels in a smart and enduring way, I would 100% recommend training with Paul Jennings and his company.”

“Paul’s personable and tailored approach delivers a comprehensive programme which have been specifically structured to meet each of my specific needs. I have been using Paul’s services now for nearly two years, with excellent and indeed visible results. Combining his holistic approach to my nutrition, ensuring my body has recovered through sports massage and his specific training method tailored to how I’m feeling each and every session has been life changing. I would not like to imagine where i would be right now without his support and coaching through the last two years.”

“Paul has guided me all the way through this lifesytle programme and I simply couldn’t have achieved this without him. I have now been training with Paul after my initial 12 week programme where i trained 3 times a week, for almost two years now. Initially I was a reluctant but as I started and progressed Paul began to improve my posture and loosen up my stiff and neglected muscles and increased my fitness and my energy levels. My dietary habits completely changed along with my partners and I achieved amazing results which i still enjoy today. His personalised approach to my fitness and his straight forward explanations hooked me immediately. I’ve regained a level of fitness that I haven’t enjoyed in almost thirty years. I would recommend him unreservedly.”

“Paul’s knowledge of fitness, diet and massage is extensive and he identifies exactly where to target extra work. During 2012 an undiagnosed tumour ruined my health and fitness. The emergency surgery had left me with damaged abdominal and flexor muscles, little stamina and a lack of confidence in my body. Training anyone through rehabilitation and recovery is a long process. Throughout I’ve appreciated Paul’s rare gift for putting me at ease and making sessions enjoyable. However, his real genius was his ability to adjust my training sessions to my needs each and every time.”

“Having known Paul for a while through previous work I was eager to use his vast experience and knowledge to kick start my weight loss and lifestyle change. I never looked back after day one. The lifestyle intervention was a huge success and Paul was always there to guide and support. This was a great motivator as I knew we were overseen on every meal which helped me to stay on track. After 28 days of following Paul’s plans and advice on diet and nutrition I have lost 1stone 3.5lbs and feel great. I will carry this on for another 30 days and keep the results coming I can’t thank Paul enough for the chance to be part of this. Thanks so much”

“I started training with Paul after a conversation with a colleague whilst we were abroad on a business trip. She told me that it was because of her new training regime with Paul which had transformed her over the previous six months. The best thing about Paul’s training method is that he comes to you at home. I confess to being a serial gym-joiner that struggled to keep myself motivated. I also struggled to find a personal trainer who could be both consistently available and match my sometimes hectic travel schedule. Since completing my original 12 week programme, Paul comes to my house twice a week for retention training of my results and over the last year I have gone from being weak in terms of core strength, endurance and aerobic fitness, to a level where I am in better condition on all these measures than I have been since my late 20s. I have also dropped my weight by over 12 kilos while at the same time increasing my muscle weight and significantly reducing my body fat. My “aspirational clothes” fit me comfortably. In short, I have gone from pathetic to athletic.”

“Paul’s gift is his personality. He is with you through thick and thin and has your back at all times. I am sure he has seen most of his Clients at their worst and then sees them blossoming into the people they will learn to become. But the journey is a hard one and Paul never gives up on you. He listens and delivers and encourages you never to give up and keeps reminding you to trust him and to trust the results. Always patient, kind and generous, he pushes you to the limit every time. Unlike going to the gym and however hard the session has been, you always come away feeling relaxed, as if the body needed to do what it needed to do. Paul also reminds you that the results are a firm combination of exercise and nutrition and that is why hooking up with Paul and his team is the only way forward. How we must all learn that food and exercise go hand in hand and how to live with the two combined.”