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I am not very fit, can I still participate?

Of course, it is vital to exercise, but it’s also vital to work to your own ability levels and participate as much as you can. Do not over exercise until you feel fitter and stronger.

Do I need equipment?

Yes, a simple set of Dumbbells and Hip Bands is all you will need. 2kg – 5kg Dumbbells depending on strength. And a set of non slip resistance bands. They come in packs of 3 from Amazon.

How can I book my training session?

You can book an online session on our website here.

Is membership a 12 month contract?

Your membership is a no contract no joining fee membership.

Do I need to workout everyday ?

Minimum volume of training should be around 180-240 minutes per week. As we are working on 30 minute sessions you are certainly able to train everyday. Due to the variety of training, this will also enable active recovery and allow you to train each day.

I need to lose weight, will this be a great choice for me?

Absolutely. Any form of activity will help you to burn more calories. The key to weight lose is to include the nutritional element so you encourage more of a better energy balance. If you wish to expand this element fill out the contact page and get in touch.