Personal Trainer,
Nutritional Coach
& Personal Motivator

BeMyCoach is your very own Personal Trainer, Nutritional Coach and Personal Motivator. Your very own support and educational coach


This will give us the information we need to make a decision if this is the right action plan for you.

BeMyCoach offers various services from Personal Fitness Plans, Personal Training, Nutritional Coaching & the comprehensive Lifestyle Intervention Programme

BeMyCoach gives you the personal accountability, quality of service, educational support & a flexible approach to achieving your goals

Why choose BeMyCoach?

Daily Support and Coaching

You will have direct access to your coach where we will monitor various metrics to track your performance and progress throughout your journey

Clarity & Structure

You will be coached to implement a systemic strategy with flexibility and adaptability at its essence. You will receive educational support every step of the way

Structure & Sustainability

This is crucial for a Lifestyle Intervention Programme. Learning to sustain your health and wellness is crucial, not just for physical health but mental health also.

What is BeMyCoach all about?

Support & Coaching

Result Driven

Data Driven

Customised Approach

What services does BeMyCoach offer

Personal Fitness Plans

Personal Training

Nutritional Coaching

Lifestyle Programme

What our customers are saying

“Paul took the time to listen, assess and review my current situation regarding weight and fitness levels as well as seeking to gain an understanding of what my personal goals were. He then tailored his programme to suit my lifestyle and health needs, talking me through every stage and making me feel confident that this would be easy for me to follow.”